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Yoga Blanket: How To Use And How To Choose

Yoga Blanket: How To Use And How To Choose | The Sankalpa Project

Did you ever feel a little too cold in the morning especially the winter morning to get and move and do your chores? It would be great if you get some props to warm you up a little. You can perform yoga and meditation can help you warm you up to some extent, but to perform them you need to first get out of your bed and get dressed for your yoga routine. Feeling lazy in winter mornings can be avoided with a blanket.

A yoga blanket will help you stay warm and relaxed while you perform your yoga and meditation. You can use your yoga blanket not only to keep you warm but also use it as a cushion for your body parts. It’s performing yoga postures that put stress on your knees and elbows by providing them extra support. Well, this is not it. If you are interested in knowing more about yoga blankets or if you are still unaware of what a yoga blanket is then why waste time just continue reading and stick with us till the end of the page.

Let us first know what a yoga blanket is

What is a Yoga Blanket?

A yoga blanket is a piece of cloth with a single layer that is suitably used as a cushion. It will be providing support to the body parts when performing asanas and postures during your routine workouts yoga products online. The fabric of yoga blankets is not very thick nor too thin. This single layered piece of cloth is suitable for people to use as a support to the parts like the neck, back, knees, elbows. You can use any piece of cloth which is comparatively thick and can be used as a blanket.

How to Use a Yoga Blanket?

Yoga blankets have been used for around years. These are some of the uses of a yoga blanket.

  • Yoga blankets can support postures where the bony parts of the body need to lift you. For instance, in a plank position or a cat-cow.
  • It can be used to get warmth when performing relaxation or meditation poses.
  •  Yoga blankets are used to add extra height to possess which requires you to maintain a still position for a long time wherein you have to keep your spine erect.
  • It helps in achieving deeper stretches in specific yoga poses by filling the gap and giving support.
  • You can use a yoga blanket to replace other yoga props like for example yoga blocks and small bolsters.

Yoga Blankets: Guide To Choose The Best One For You | The Sankalpa Project

How to Choose a Yoga Blanket?

When you are in the market and looking for how to choose the perfect yoga mat for your yoga asanas and poses here is what you need to do.


Yoga blankets are available in three different materials: cotton, wool, and a combination of cotton polyester. Choose the material that suits you best as per your needs and the more durable one.


Yoga blankets are available in different styles handmade Mexican blankets, Sankalpa yoga blankets, and felted yoga blankets that are available in different sizes.


There are so many different types of yoga blankets available in different materials, styles and sizes. Choose the one that gives you comfort style and an adequate cushioning and support effect when performing yoga.